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Globalization Demands Efficient Communication, Integration of Mobile Applications Aids Objective

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Published on : Jan 27, 2016

In today’s truly global world, the use of mobile internet is a necessity for exchange of information in real-time. With internet bandwidth increasing and consumers switching to 4G LTE networks, the utilization of mobile applications is on the rise for the purpose. To cater to this, application developers are vying to bundle products and services to attract more and more customers. 

In mobile telephony, integration of services such as SMS, MMS, payment, WebRTC into mobile applications enhances customer experience to great heights. The advantage of having access to a few applications with the help of a middleware application leads to a higher adoption of these applications and an increased revenue from the end user. This is facilitated through telecom application interface programming, wherein several services are integrated with the help of the telecom API.

As an extension of these services, telecom API aggregators connect several carrier APIs with several other resources. API providers and third-party developers benefit the most from these services. With developers creating more innovative services and operators providing mash-up end products, the role of the API aggregator is gaining momentum. 

Differentiator Services Define Competitive Character of Telecom API Services

In the competitive arena, the telecom API market has a presence of a large number of small and large vendors. In this arena, service providers and aggregators do not provide all API services rather they are striving to establish themselves as niche service providers for a particular service. For instance, Comverse Inc. and Aepona Ltd., which is an Intel Company are identified as top service providers for telecom API. 

For payment API, the arena faces lesser competition as only a few players offer these services. Using mobile devices, complex payment process and stringent regulations for monetary transactions in different countries are the reasons for this. With advancement of the telecom API sector, telecom carriers are entering into partnerships with aggregators and service providers in order to launch their own API platform to fulfill their requirement. Across the world, some top service providers and aggregators of telecom API are Fortumo OU, Nexmo Inc., Twilio Inc., Location Smart, Alcatel Lucent, Tropo Inc., and Apigee Corp.