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Global Tourism Industry to Go Places as Companies Add Value to Travel Deals

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Published on : Dec 31, 2015

Global tourism industry has been expanding each year with growing number of enthusiastic tourists and explorers around the world. The travel and tourism industry happens to be one of the world’s largest industry that roughly makes a contribution of over seven trillion U.S. dollars to the global economy. The direct impact of this industry can be felt on the accommodation sector, transport, and entertainment industry. The tourism industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world due globalization, rise of social media, and increasing disposable incomes. The recent spurt of tourism is also associated with growing number of tourist destinations and the socio-economic progress.

The growth of tourism industry is also playing an important part in the international commerce as it represents a huge part of the income for many developing countries. The penetration of tourism industry in the developed and developing regions has also led to economic benefits for the regions, employment opportunities for people, and accelerated the growth of related sectors. The contribution of tourism industry to the global economy also depends on the revenue the tourism industry offers. 

In the recent Grand Final for the World Travel Awards 2015 at Morocco, Greek tourist industry won 24 awards for hotels and management company. The award ceremony was attended by 300 industry leaders. The WTA is aimed at acknowledging excellence in the tourism industry and awarding those to meet the ultimate hallmark of quality, setting a benchmark for others. To stay afloat in the global tourism industry, several travel and tourism companies are crack the best deals for their customers. 

Some of the game-changing travel and tourism companies for 2015 are AirBnB that allows users to rent out spaces to strangers at cheap rates, Yelp, Wild China, GoPro, and OTG Management. Companies will have make an effort to add value to the plans for customers to stay ahead in the competition and win a huge base in the coming year.