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Global Smart Agriculture Market Benefits from Need to Increase Agricultural Output for Increasing Population

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Published on : Jun 07, 2016

Technology is the backbone of operations in practically all walks of life in present times. From education to industry to agriculture to services, technology has been instrumental in taking these business areas to new heights. Smart agriculture, a relatively new phenomenon for agricultural practices, involves the use of internet of things (IoT), gadgets, and sensors for increasing agricultural output. 

In the light of present climatic changes, agricultural productivity has been affected considerably. Due to an increase in the Earth’s temperature and unseasonal rains, agricultural output has been adversely affected cropping food security issues. With the use of smart agriculture, farming equipment can be connected to each other for optimal utilization resulting in maximum output. Smart agriculture practices are advantageous for protection of the landscape and ecosystems, thus helping to preserve natural resources for future generations.

There are several reasons for growth of the global smart agriculture market over the past years. The persistent demand for increased income margins in the agricultural sector combined with government initiatives for the use of connected devices for agricultural practices are reasons for the same. However, the market’s growth is restrained due to certain impediments as well. Smart agriculture is a new phenomenon, especially for small farmers in the developing economies of China, India, and Brazil that have limited technical capabilities and still follow legacy farming methods. The use of smart agriculture also requires uninterrupted Internet to prevent connected devices from breaking that can disrupt the whole process.

The smart agriculture market is divided on the basis of type, application, and geography. Hardware, service, and solutions are the type segments of this market; hardware is further sub-segmented into smart detection systems, global positioning systems, and sensor monitoring systems.

The solution segments of the smart agriculture market are mobility solution, connectivity solution, remote monitoring solution, quality assurance solution, supply chain management solution, and data analytics solution.

Some key companies that have a significant presence in the global smart agriculture market are Cisco Systems Inc., Trimble Navigation Ltd., AGCO Corporation, SST Development Group Inc., Raven Industries Inc., AgJunction Inc., Deere & Company, Salt Mobile SA, Vodafone Group, and SemiosBio Technologies Inc.