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Global Seed Treatment Market Driven by Need to Increase Crop Yield

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Published on : May 20, 2016

Seed treatment chemicals are a group of chemicals applied to seeds before being packaged and distributed. These chemicals are intended to induce resistance in the seed against common pests. This helps the crop avoid being damaged by pests before as well as after germination. Thus, seed treatment is a crucial step in commercial agriculture, since preventing pest attacks helps increase the total yield.

The global market for seed treatment has posted a strong growth rate in recent years due to the growing threat of food scarcity. Since increasing crop yield is the most direct and effective step in eradicating food scarcity, efforts to achieve the same through various means are well and truly underway.

Global Seed Treatment Market to Reach US$4.4 bn by 2018

The global seed treatment market has been boosted in the pursuit of high-yield crops by the technological advancement brought about in the sector in the last few decades. The increasing technological sophistication of the agricultural biotechnology sector has made seed treatment increasingly precise, which has allowed farmers to reap the benefits of the technology without any side effects.

The precision in biotechnology has also led to the development of seed treatment chemicals that do not affect humans who come in contact with it. These and other such benefits of seed treatment are expected to drive the global seed treatment market to a valuation of US$4.4 bn by 2018. The market was valued at US$2.4 bn in 2011 and is expected to exhibit a strong 9.2% CAGR from 2012 to 2018.

Environmental Viability of Seed Treatment Chemicals to be Focus of R&D Efforts

Even though contemporary seed treatment chemicals are harmless to humans, they can have devastating consequences on the environment, since they can leach into the surrounding soil. Eliminating the risk posed by seed treatment chemicals to the environment is the focus of most major companies in the global seed treatment market at present and is expected to the major research avenue in the industry in the coming years.