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Global Retort Packaging Market Benefitted by Drop in Cost of Logistics of Packaged Foods

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Published on : Jun 06, 2016

A retort package is a type of food packaging done with a laminate of flexible plastic and metal foil. Retort packaging enables sterile packaging of food and beverages, which are handled by aseptic processing. Retort packaging is being used increasingly in place of conventional industrial canning methods. 

Retort Packaging Market Driven due to Rise in Demand for Convenience Food across Globe

Changing lifestyle of people has led to the high demand for ready-to-eat food. With increasing population of women who are working, across the globe, it has become compelling for people to eat convenience food more often than not. This is expected to fuel the global retort packaging market continually. Furthermore, the drop in the price of logistics will in turn reduce the cost of packaged foods. This is expected to affect the global retort packaging industry positively.

Use of Retort Packaging for Baby food and Animal Food Boosts Demand

The use of retort packaging is not limited to food and beverages fit for human consumption alone. Retort packaging is being used for packaging animal food as it enables the food to last longer. Furthermore, retort packaging is increasingly being used for baby foods. This is because, retort packaging is lighter and occupies lesser space, thus being perfect for parents to carry the food while traveling. These are some of the factors leading to a growth in the global retort packaging industry.

High Concerns over Recycling Likely to Hamper Global Retort Packaging Market

The global retort packaging market is challenged by factors such as rising environmental concerns among people. High capital expenditure may also impede the growth of the market. On the other hand, technological innovations in retort packaging is expected to open new opportunities in the market. Rising disposable income of people in emerging economies will also ensure the growth of the retort packaging industry as there will be a high demand for convenience food.