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Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Market to Benefit from Rising Innovation in Nanotechnology

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Published on : Jan 14, 2016

The global pharmaceutical packaging market will be driven by the expanding global pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, the rising research and development and the growing investment in this sector will also drive the global pharmaceutical packaging market. Another emerging trend that is projected to shape the global pharmaceutical packaging market in the coming few years is the rising innovation in nanotechnology.

Nano-enabled packaging is presently being used in both the food industry and the electronics industry. The growing innovation in nanotechnology is helping companies in the global market to come up with safe packaging solutions. The introduction of nano-enabled packaging is projected to have a positive impact on the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market.

Around the world, investment in nano-enabled packaging is growing. Recently, the Department of Jobs through Science Foundation in Ireland announced details of a massive €28 million investment in research equipment and facilities. In this initiative, several research projects will receive financial support including additive manufacturing using nano-materials.

In the pharmaceutical industry, nano-enabled packaging will stress on the safety of drugs by ensuring the microbial growth is controlled. Nan-enabled packaging will also focus on improving tamper visibility, improving convenience, and delaying oxidation. Furthermore, nanotechnology in the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market will provide the most enhanced barriers properties against light, moisture, and mechanical forces. Nanotechnology is pushing the plastic material barriers by incorporation of active components that are capable of delivering functional attributes beyond those of conventional active packaging and sensing and signaling relevant information.

By packaging types, the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market is segmented into primary packaging equipment (sachet, soft tube, blister, bottle filling, aseptic, and others) and secondary packaging equipment (wrapping, case, cartooning, and others). The pharmaceutical blister packaging equipment segment will witness significant growth in the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market due to the advent of nanotechnology.

Region-wise, North America and Europe are projected to lead the global nano-enabled pharmaceutical packaging market due to their innovative drug-producing sectors, which are introducing new therapies that need specialized packaging needs. In Asia Pacific, Japan is presently leading the nano-enabled pharmaceutical packaging market. India is projected to witness substantial growth in the APAC nano-enabled pharmaceutical packaging market in the coming few years.