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Global Oral Care Products Market to be Driven by Booming Dental Tourism Industry

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Published on : May 04, 2016

Oral care refers to a proper care of mouth, including teeth, gums, and tongue. According to dentists around the world, it is very important to maintain healthy teeth and mouth in order to avoid several dental issues. Dental or oral problems such as dry mouth, TMD, bad breath, canker and cold sores, tooth decay, and thrush are all treatable with proper care and diagnosis. There are several oral care products available in the market, which is expected to be used as per the expert’s advice to keep health issues at bay. 

The global market for oral care products comprises products, which are designed in order to improve oral hygiene and maintain dental care. The increasing awareness regarding the use of oral care products is considered as one of the major factors driving the global market. In addition, the innovative appliances, implements, and formulations are further expected to fuel the growth of the global oral care products market in the next few years. Moreover, the booming dental tourism market in several developing economies is further anticipated to boost the demand for oral care products in the next few years. 

Some of the major oral care products available in the global market are mentioned as below:

  • Dental Appliances
  • Breathe Control Products 
  • Mouth Toothbrushes
  • Electric Appliances and Accessories 
  • Dental Preparations 
  • Tooth Cleaners
  • Dedicated Whiteners
  • Oral Pain Remedies
  • Denture Products
  • Mouthwash
  • Breathe Fresheners

The global market for oral care products is highly competitive owing to the presence of regional as well as international players. These players are making efforts to expand their product portfolio so as to attract new consumers and gain the competitive advantage. In addition, they are spending a huge amount on research and development activities to introduce new and innovative products and create a niche for themselves. 

Some of the major players operating in the global market for oral care products are Dentaid, GlaxoSmithKline, Church & Dwight, Jordan AS, Lion Corp, Johnson & Johnson, Sunstar, Procter & Gamble, Global Gillette, Kao Corp, Oral-B Laboratories, Henkel KgaA, Unilever NV, Colgate–Palmolive, and Dr. Fresh Inc. Several other players are estimated to participate in the global oral care products market in the near future.