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Global Nuts and Seeds Market Receives Boost from Growing Awareness about Consuming Nuts and Seeds

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Published on : Feb 18, 2016

Nuts and seeds are rich in nutrients such as iron, minerals, fiber, and protein amongst others, which makes them an essential food item in the daily diet. Consuming these helps in reaching the required level of protein intake and other essential nutrients. These food items also play a crucial role in prevention of diseases. Furthermore, nuts and seeds are a great snack option. As they are an integral part of the spices and condiments market, nuts and seeds are also used as food additives to enhance the taste and increase the nutritional value.

Health Benefits of Nuts and Seeds Propels Market
The global nuts and seeds market has been proliferating at an exponential rate as more and more consumers are opting for these food items with increasing awareness of their health benefits. Moderate consumption of nuts and seeds is has a positive impact on human health such as lowering of blood cholesterol, prevention of diabetes, reduced risk of coronary heart diseases, and chances of averting gallstones in both women and men. Owing to these benefits the global nuts and seeds market has witnessed a new avenue for growth.

Genetically Engineered Crops Boost Demand for Nuts and Seeds
The global nuts and seeds market is also being fueled by the growing size of genetically modified crops.  Genetically modified crops are made by altering the DNA of the crops with genetic engineering techniques. This makes the crops resistant to changing environmental conditions, spoilage, pests and other such uncontrollable situations.

Emerging Economies of India and China to Contribute to Growth of Global Nuts and Seeds Market
The growth of global nuts and seeds market is also attributable to the developing economies of China, Brazil, and India. Additionally, the growing demand for processed beverages and food items with nuts and seeds is also likely to propel the growth of the global nuts and seeds market. The rising disposable incomes of consumers in emerging economies will also make its generous contribution to the growth of this market. 

The only hindrance to the growth of the global nuts and seeds market is the possibility of excessive consumption of the nuts and seeds, which can lead to obesity.