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Global High Purity Gases Market Witnesses Growth with Increasing Application Scope

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Published on : Jun 14, 2016

The use of high purity gases lies across a number of industrial processes such as insulation and cooling. High purity gases are naturally present in the environment. These are gases such as oxygen and nitrogen or noble gases such as argon in their concentrated forms. The high concentration of these gases ensures that their chemical properties are fully utilized and not diluted if other gases are present in a mixture. The use of these gases also keeps a check on the reactivity of other gases in adulterated mixtures.

The high purity gas market is largely propelled by increasing demand in the worldwide industrial gas market. Particularly, the rapid development of the industrial sector in emerging economies is driving the global high purity gas market. 

Food and Beverages Displays High Demand for High Purity Gases

Some of the major end-use industries of high purity gas are processing and production of metals, electronics, and food and beverages. These industries are thriving currently, resulting in a consistently increasing demand for high purity gases. In the emerging economies of Asia Pacific and Latin America, the rise of the industrial sector has resulted in economic growth and rapid urbanization. This, in turn, has resulted in increased disposable incomes, thereby leading to increased use of electronic devices. This will boost the growth of the market for high purity gases in the future.
Apart from these, the emergence of other end users of high purity gases is also driving this market’s growth. In the last couple of years, the automotive sector has emerged as a major user of these gases. This flourishing automotive sector in Asia Pacific is aiding the market’s growth to a large degree. In the recent years, the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, and healthcare industry have also been boosting the global high purity gases market. These industry sectors are expected to be influential in charting the growth of this market in the future.

Urbanization in Asia Pacific to Drive Growth of Asia Pacific Market

Presently, North America leads the global market for high purity gases. However, the exponential development of the industrial sector in the emerging economies of India and China will be a key factor driving the growth of the high purity gases market. The flourishing state of major end-use industries of high purity gases in these nations holds promise for vendors in the global market for high purity gases.