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Global Healthcare Industry Needs Ambitious MBAs to Combat Incumbent Challenges

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Published on : Mar 09, 2015

What has emerged as one of the serious concerns for global healthcare groups is that they are continuously having to battle with the rapidly ageing population and restricting budget. As per recent study by the United Nations, a fifth of global populace will be above the age of 50 before 2050. Additionally, factors such as low rate of wages and high staff turnover will lead to shortage in the number of care workers. 

These are serious concerns which the industry is facing at large. The geriatric problem is accelerating at an even greater speed particularly in emerging countries such as Brazil and China, which has further bolstered the spending limit in the healthcare sector. The situations need more efficient and effective means of delivering healthcare services. The healthcare segments across economies are in need of talented and industrious individuals to fulfill the escalating consumer preference and combat the increased cost of healthcare. Hence, the situation has created enhanced demand for recruiting educated healthcare officials, as said by Professor Lawton Burns, Director, Wharton Center for Health Management and Economics. 

Speaking on the incumbent situation Sarah Andrews, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Eli Lilly, a United States based globally leading pharmaceutical group, said that she is expected MBAs to be the future of medical and healthcare industries. She added that getting an MBA degree and demonstrating ones capability of building business skills is huge. 

In fact, industry experts are of the view since healthcare companies are mostly multinational and well structured, they offer diverse and lucrative career opportunities, as told by Elisa Zagami, who leads the department of career development at a leading European business school based in Italy.