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Global Dashboard Camera Market Receives Impetus from Vehicular Safety Improvements for Emergencies, Accidents

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Published on : Apr 15, 2016

Dashboard cameras are devices that are usually used in law enforcement vehicles, private cars, and rental and commercial vehicles for video recording in real-time. These devices are attached to the windshield and their design is such to integrate with the vehicle’s dashboard. These devices record videos of inside and outside of vehicles on a real-time basis.

The global camera dashboard market will display a positive growth in the coming years. Initiative by several governments that encourage deployment of these devices for vehicular safety in the event of an accident or emergency are reasons for this. Other than this, vehicles that are equipped with these devices enjoy discounts on insurance premiums, which is also supporting growth of this market. The installation of dashboard camera is legally acceptable worldwide except some countries, which include Portugal, Belgium, and Austria.

The demand for these devices is dependent on factors such as equipment cost, robustness of the equipment, ease of installation and its maintenance, and other durability variables. These devices are available in a wide spectrum price range and video recording capabilities for several classes of vehicles.

Single lens dashboard cameras contributed the largest revenue in the overall market in 2013. This segment displayed the largest volume share as well in the global market in the same year. Single lens dashboard cameras are increasingly used in motor vehicles due to their utility for filing insurance claims, to gather evidence for criminal and civil lawsuits, and vehicle related other issues. However, it is expected that multi lens dashboard cameras will be the most attractive product segment for manufacturers to invest in.

Asia Pacific is the largest market for dashboard cameras due to the increasing popularity of these devices among commercial and private vehicle owners. This region will display the fastest growth in terms of both volume and revenue in the years to come. China is the largest market for dashboard cameras in Asia Pacific as well as in the global market. In Asia Pacific, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, and Taiwan are other large markets for dashboard cameras. North America is a relatively small market for dashboard cameras due to stringent traffic regulations in place in this region.