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Global Cosmetic Packaging Market Gains Impetus from Rising Demand for Product Innovation

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Published on : May 13, 2016

The cosmetic packaging market has been exhibiting robust growth over the last few years. The drive towards sustainability and rising health awareness worldwide have been giving significant impetus to the market. Such favorable environment boosts opportunities for packaging coatings, high barrier films, sustainable ingredients, and smart packaging for cosmetics. Packaging is very important for branding cosmetic products because it determines the overall aesthetic appeal of the product. 

The beauty and personal care industry attaches much significance to the point-of-sale. The prevalent trends in the fashion industry and market innovations render the market for cosmetics vulnerable to dynamic consumer preferences. This threatens the sustainability of companies operating in the cosmetics industry, as the demand for innovative products has increased but resource availability has remained constant. Among the various materials used for cosmetic packaging, plastics are used most commonly. Plastics account for over 50% of the demand reported for cosmetics packaging material. Other materials used for cosmetic packaging are metal, paper, and glass.  

Plastic Emerges as Most Commonly Used Material for Cosmetics Packaging 

The high demand for plastics in cosmetic packaging is contributed by several reasons. For instance, the ease with which plastics can be derived, their quality, and flexibility they offer are the primary reasons aiding the use of plastics in cosmetic packaging. Plastic containers are preferred for cosmetic packaging particularly because they are resilient to breakage and inert to most chemicals. 

Demand for Glass in Cosmetic Packaging to Increase Significantly

Glass is considered one of the oldest cosmetic packaging materials. The usage of glass for cosmetic packaging is preferred and is widespread because it is impermeable, chemical inert, and nonporous. Thus glass packaging is preferred for cosmetics since it does not react with chemicals and keeps the content safe from moisture and oxygen. This is a key factor driving the demand for glass for cosmetic packaging. 

3D Printing to Revolutionize Cosmetic Packaging

As consumers nowadays prefer greener lifestyle, a trend has slowly picked up in the beauty industry, influencing the cosmetic products and their packaging alike. Following the advent of 3D printing manufacturers are looking forward to use biodegradable materials for printing cosmetic packaging material. This trend is slowly gaining momentum in the market to reduce