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Global Beer Market to Register High Growth owing to Strong Marketing Techniques

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Published on : Feb 02, 2016

Beer is one of the most consumed beverages globally and is also the oldest alcoholic beverage. After water and tea, beer in the most consumed drink overall around the world. The manufacturing process of beer comprises fermentation of starches, which is mostly derived from grains such as rice, maize, malted barley, wheat, and others. The process of making beer is commonly known as brewing. The major types of beer include popular beers, imported beers, premium beers, non-alcoholic beers, light beers, ice beers, malt liquors, malternatives, super-premium beers, and others. 

In recent years, the global market for beer has witnessed a substantial increase in the demand for beer across the globe due to various reasons. Some of the major factors that are boosting the demand for beer across the globe are:

  • The growing number of local breweries globally 
  • The rising promotional activities by major players
  • Social acceptance of beer as a casual drink
  • Strong marketing strategies
  • Tremendously increasing disposable income among population
  • The rising number of beer-consuming customers 
  • Presence of large number of beer manufacturers 
  • Growing awareness regarding health benefits of consuming beer
  • Introduction of organic beer

On the flip side, the increasing duties and taxes in many geographical regions, stringent rules and regulations by government, social norms are some of the major factors that are curbing the growth of the global beer market. Apart from these, the religious restrictions of certain religion regarding consumption of alcoholic beer hold back the demand for beer in several regions around the world. However, the consumption of non-alcoholic beer is very high in these regions.

Smart marketing techniques and innovative beer concoctions are expected to be beneficial for the growth of the global beer market. Moreover, tapping into the unmet demands of the health-conscious consumers is further expected to drive the global beer market.

Some of the prominent players operating in the global beer are Yanjing Brewery, Kirin Brewery,
Grupo Modelo, Carlsberg Breweries A/S, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Asia Pacific Breweries, Tsingtao Breweries, and Asahi Breweries, Heineken N.V. Many new players are entering the global beer market and creating a niche for themselves. However, a majority of the population prefer consumption of beer from local breweries.