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German Organization Recycling Food to Avoid Waste

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Published on : May 25, 2015

Currently, food waste is a major, hot topic in the country of Germany. A documentary film by Thurn that was released in the year 2011 called Taste the Waste moved audiences with the pictures of appetizing vegetables which are piled high in dumpsters. In a way to responds to this documentary, the federal government of the nation commissioned an official study. According to this study around 65 per cent to the food waste caused in Germany was not necessary and this was equivalent to a US$24.4 billion per year.

A new volunteer network in Germany and in some parts of Switzerland and Austria is focusing on recycling food in order to curb waste. The heart of this volunteer group is based in Berlin. In this region the cost conscious and waste phobic residents tend to arrange with supermarkets and stores to pick up food that would otherwise get discarded and wasted.

These pioneering efforts in Germany started after a documentary film revealed to viewers the copious amount of food which goes to waste. However, the concern is echoed in many other places of Europe as well. In the past week, the country France has proposed that the legislation will make it illegal for the supermarkets to discard or destroy edible food. According to a volunteer, when people tend to throw food which is eatable, it is difficult to comprehend.

According to this volunteer a small amount of this food waste tends to go to compost. However, most of the food which gets discarded is either used by volunteer herself or given away to friends, neighbors, taxi drivers or those who need it. This food is always free and it brings happiness and gives a surprise to the receivers.