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GaN Industrial Devices Market: Enterprises Focusing on Large-scale Production to Combat Competition

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Published on : Jan 15, 2016

The global market for Gallium Nitride (GaN) industrial has exhibited an impressive rise in the recent times. The large-scale production of GaN industrial devices, owing to their increasing demand, has boosted this market to a large extent.

Transphorm Inc., GaN Systems Inc., and Texas Instruments are the top three players in the global market for GaN industrial devices. Here is a snapshot of the latest activities of these market participants.

Transphorm, a U.S.-based semiconductor producer announced in June 2015, that it has raised an amount of US$70 mn to support its production of GaN industrial devices. NIEC, Innovation Network Corp. of Japan, and Quantum Strategic Partners are some of the prominent investors, which backed the firm’s operations.

GaN Systems Inc. appointed Kruvand Associates as its representative in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, following the rapid increase in sales of GaN power transistors as a replacement of silicon semiconductors in power applications in July 2015.

The company also made an announcement regarding the upgradation of its highly successful E-mode GaN-on-Silicon high power transistors in May 2015. The GaN high-power enhancement-mode device with a current capacity of 60 Ampere (the highest in the market) is the latest addition in the range.

In March 2015, Texas Instruments introduced an 80-V,10-A GaN field-effect transistor model, under the brand name LMG5200 GaN FET power stage, the first in the overall market. The device includes one high-frequency driver and 2 GaN field-effect transistors set in a half-bridge configuration, which is packed up in a 6 mm by 8 mm QFN package. The price of the device has been kept at US$50 per unit.

Fujitsu Ltd., Freescale Semiconductors, Efficient Power Conversion Corp., NXP Semiconductors, International Rectifier, International Quantum Epitaxy, Nichia Corp., Renesas Electronics Corp., Cree Inc., and RF Micro Devices Inc. are other major producers of GaN industrial devices across the world.