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Fur seals of Antarctica affected by climatic pressures

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Published on : Jul 24, 2014

According to scientists, the fur seal population in Antarctica is getting affected due to global climatic changes. It has been observed that the female population of this species is born smaller in size and there are some changes even taking place in their genetic structure.

Severe climatic changes have also reduced the supply of krill – the primary source of food for the seals. The size and weight of the seal pups also get affected due to the same. 

The problem being faced by the seals is that of food stress, which means the population of seals is getting affected due to scarcity of food.

Krill are crustaceans that feed on algae that are found in sea ice, but due to adverse effects of global warming sea ice is also hardly available which in a way is affecting the breeding of krill. 

Many scientists also observed that there is greater genetic diversity in the mother seals than it was two decades back.

The fur seals of Antarctica are a species that are abundant today as they have been saved and protected from over-exploitation during the 20th century.

However, if the environmental and climatic issues continue or increase, it will soon experience a dwindling population.

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