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Fujitsu Collaborated with Microsoft to Transform Manufacturing Processes

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Published on : Apr 13, 2015

Updating technological solutions to modify processing to suit the requirements of both human and machines is very important. Having recognized the importance of tailoring a solution Fujitsu drew together on the same platform, its Eco-Management Dashboard, the Microsoft Cloud Services, the IoT/M2M platform, and windows tablet. With this the managers, scientists, and engineers could improve the quality of their products, streamline the manufacturing system, and enhance the overall functionality by reducing the cost incurred for production. 

The solution created by Fujitsu is based on the lines of operation the company performed in the city of Aizu-Wakamatsu in Japan. The company rehabilitated its operations of manufacturing semiconductors into its facility named Akisai Plant Factory. It is a large scale unit that integrates the best agriculture technologies with latest and the most updated technologies for information and communication such as Fujitsu Akisai. Fujitsu has taken up producing clean lettuce which is low in potassium as well as delicious, in the clean room of this facility. The lettuce produced can be eaten by dialysis patients and people suffering from chronic kidney diseases. 

In order to make the solution more comprehensive and helpful, Fujitsu has incorporated the data, which until now was scattered, into the database designed by Microsoft Azure. The data is then evaluated with the help of advanced analytics and user interfaces. Therefore, the Eco Management Dashboard has emerged as one of the most crucial solutions that could manage quality, efficiency, and performance of equipment, all at the same time. The solution is therefore designed to improve the quality of operations at a reasonably affordable rate.

The Eco-Management Dashboard is designed to inspire manufacturers belonging from different segments of production. Opinion leaders suggest, the technology has the potential to help companies collect and manage data in a more organized manner, and increase productivity in conjunction with saving both time and money.