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France to propose a bill that will force telecom companies to monitor terrorism activities

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Published on : Mar 19, 2015

France is all set to become the focus point in between a debate of security and privacy owing to the recent terrorism bill which is scheduled to be introduced on Thursday. 

According to Wall Street Journal, the main proposal of the bill which may become a law soon, is expecting some technology and telecommunication companies that will make use of many tools and automatically monitor activities and data of their users. Further, it will share all the information in real-time with security officials.

The law is expected to hit French companies at first; however, government officials have also stated that it will also apply to U.S. tech companies. The law has been worked on for some time; nevertheless after the terrorist attacks in Paris which was targeted on Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper employees and customers at a Kosher grocery story, the French Government has sped up the whole process.

Although the French government has made all the arrangements to introduce the law on Thursday, some privacy groups have given a warning that the proposal furnishes a dangerous overreaching by the government into citizens’ private lives.

A Paris-based privacy advocacy group, La Quadrature du Net mentioned in a blog previous week that the nation may sense the necessity of updating all the outdated laws regarding terrorism, the proposal of the bill definitely represents a dangerous turn which may hamper the freedom of individuals.

The Wall Street Journal further reports that the studies demonstrate that all over the world mass surveillance will not be helping in reducing the risk of violent crimes going all over the globe.