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Foxconn Trio Reveals Apple Glass, iPhone8 Features ahead of WWDC 2017

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Published on : Jun 05, 2017

Even as the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Apple commences on Monday June 5, 2017, people within Foxconn leaked some juicy titbits about Apple’s upcoming launches. Three people within the Chinese manufacturer of several Apple products revealed a number of details about Apple Glasses, the iPhone 8, new MacBooks, and others. Whether or not these details are true or validated is yet to be ascertained.

What the Next iPhone is likely to Offer

The trio stated that the upcoming iPhone will use Apple’s Lightning input instead of USB-C and will also have wireless charging. Using its front camera, the phone will feature retina scanning and facial detection, the orientation of the rear camera will be changed from horizontal to vertical, and it will have a fingerprint sensor under the screen. The phone will also have slimmer bezels, which is an ongoing trend. However, akin to what recent reports have revealed, the production of this new iPhone has been deferred.

Apple Glasses - Apple’s Potential AR-powered Headwear

The insiders’ most awaited reveal was the Apple Glasses, the tech giant’s version of an artificial reality-powered headwear. However, considering that there is a 65% chance Apple might abandon the project, fans might be left disappointed. Nevertheless, if this project does come to fruition, it is likely to hit the market in the coming year or the year after that. With the help of an accelerometer, microphone, and magnetometer, the user will be able to give commands with just a nod or shake of the head. The Glasses are estimated to cost around US$600.

Other Features likely to be Revealed

Trio at Foxconn also revealed details regarding a number of the Apple products and features. For instance, the yet to be debuted Siri-infused speaker will highlight the modified A9 processor, a previous version of which was used in iPhone 6S. Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone 7S, which will be in addition to the upcoming iPhone mentioned earlier. The MacBook Air product line is expected to be discontinued.