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Forum Pharmaceuticals to Expand its Facility in Waltham

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Published on : May 19, 2015

Since the time when Deborah Dunsire took the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Watertown biotech, which is presently known as Forum Pharmaceuticals around two years ago, the organization has almost doubled its headcount to 175 and has also started with a new office in Brighton, which will be taking care of the overflow. In the current scenario, the company is again performing its operating under one roof.

Forum Pharmaceuticals, which was formally named EnVivo Pharmaceuticals until last year, has shifted into a new location, that is, 112500 square foot headquarters in Waltham. This unit comprises of employees from two former units. Deborah Dunsire further stated that the new unit is a very old building, which was used by the payroll services firm ADP. This firm is almost 25% bigger than the Forum Pharmaceuticals’ previous two facilities. The mentioned building was purchased by the Alexandria Real Estate and was later converted to inculcate lab space. As of now Forum Pharmaceuticals will take some part of the building, and is further hoping that they will be able to expand their unit and acquire the whole building. Bob Richards, who is a partner at the Transwestern RBJ, has represented Forum Pharmaceuticals for the whole lease deal of this building.

Deborah Dunsire, is widely known for almost a decade as the Chief Executive Officer and also as the public face of Millennium Pharmaceuticals (which is presently owned by Takeda Pharmaceuticals), stated that as Forum Pharmaceuticals is involved in late-stage trials of its star drug for schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease, she felt that it was very essential for all the employees to work under one roof.