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Ford Keeps High Hopes from Asia Pacific

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Published on : May 27, 2015

Ford Motor Company is continuing to make investments heavily in the mainland China, despite the company is getting signs showing a mild slowdown, which has caused the automobile manufacturer to make some small cut in the productions of vehicles. The Asia Pacific president of Ford, David Schoch, has declined to give out any details and of which all models were affected in this mentioned cuts, but he says that the manufacturing tweaks were quite minor.

He further informed the media at a round-table discussion that, in the first-quarter, they have had some manufacturing cuts; however nothing was material. He further stated that they want to be very sure that stocks are not being build up in this whole process. David Schoch added that Ford has been witnessing a lot of changes in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China, in the last ten years. He stated that, a decade ago the regional operation of this region was almost begging the Ford brass for sales. And now the company has a whole holistic portfolio.

In the present scenario, Ford presents a full lineup in the Asia-Pacific countries, which includes Edge, Fiesta, Escort cars, Ford Focus, Kuga, Figo, Explorer CUVs, and EcoSport.

Ford’s manufacturing footprint has also grown substantially in China with four of its prominent operations, which comprises a joint venture with Chinese automobile manufacturer Changan, a commercial-vehicle JV along with JMC, imported Ford cars and the newly introduced brand: Lincoln luxury.

The automobile manufacturer has around seven units in China, with a new one coming online in the next year. It also has around four locations in India and two more in Thailand. It is anticipated that the capacity in the Asia Pacific region by this year’s end will be around 2.7 million units, with about 1.9 million of it in China.