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For BMW, China is the Biggest Market

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Published on : Jun 25, 2015

China figures as an important market for BMW. The importance of the Chinese market can be gauged by the fact that the premium auto manufacturer is vigorously pushing its reinvented 2016 7-Series in the Chinese market. According to Ian Robertson, the global head of BMW’s sales and marketing vertical, BMW sells almost half of its 7-Series volume there. With China accounting for around one in every three BMWs sold worldwide, the country has emerged as the most important market for the automobile manufacturer. 

The demand for premium luxury cars have propelled BMW’s sales in China. On the other hand, Canada has failed the expectations of the car manufacturer. While the Chinese like to show off their rides, Canadians are different. Sale of premium brands such as Audi’s A8, Tesla’s Model S, Lexus LS, BMW’s 7-Series, Mercedes Benz S-class, and Porsche Panamera have received lukewarm response in Canada with car sales registering numbers in hundreds, not thousands. While Canada has totally disappointed BMW with the weak demand for 7-Series, rival Mercedes Benz has been a bit lucky in outperforming the sales of 7-Series with its S-Class. 

According to the reports, the sales of premium luxury cars in North America was less than half the numbers sold during pre-recession in 2007. It is quite evident that the market for cars such as the 7 is shrinking. Still, for BMW, the 7-Series is an image car and there is a market for it. According to Robertson, the car makes profit as well. This fall, the car manufacturer will launch two new versions of 7: 750Li xDrive and 750i xDrive. The 750Li xDrive model will be available in the Canadian market only by the spring of 2016. Robertson is clear that the new 7-Series cars are especially for the Chinese markets first and then for the rest of the world.