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Food Supply of China is Highly Affected by the Unsafe Water Issues

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Published on : May 07, 2015

As per figures given by the Land and Resources Ministry around 61.5% of the groundwater of China is highly dangerous even to touch.

This figure specifies that this amount of water is not only for drinking or agricultural purpose, but also for any kind of human contact with it. It also throws light on the effects on environment due to the rapid industrialization in China in the last two decades. It also talks about strategic vulnerabilities of Beijing.

Considering this century of food and water security, then China is at a very huge disadvantage. Moreover, this disadvantage is not just in lieu to agriculture, but also about China’s ability to feed itself. The water problems of China are currently very severe and they will start to shape the global energy markets and should influence the trade policy of Australia and even its defense posture.

All this must be sounding like a big stretch; however one can consider it where China will find itself in between 2015. This issue is not just reliant on natural gas, iron ore, and imported oil to power the whole economy of the nation, but also concerns water problems, which implies that it must start looking overseas for supply of food in the near future. 

This dependency on the imports has resulted in Geoff Raby, the former ambassador of Australia shift to Beijing and tag China as a constrained super power and by extension as a quite less threatening actor in this region.

The defense chiefs and the hawks of China would be properly advised to inform themselves on this substituting view that suggests the nation’s requirement for imports, which will provide a natural hand break on its territorial ambitions, as the sanctions regarding trade will be devastating its economy.