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Food Preservatives to go Natural - To Boost Global Food Preservatives Market

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Published on : Jun 28, 2016

In recent two decades, the demand for organic food and preserved food has changed the global food system. To support the growing demand the global food industry has been delivering varieties of food products with longer shelf life. The trend of natural food and organic food has taken the global food market towards a healthier direction. 

However, the growing demand for packaged food, canned food, and packaged drinks has increased the demand for various food preservatives. Health effects of certain food preservatives and artificial ingredients are expected to hamper the global food preservatives market. Stringent regulations from governments of many nations will further affect the use of food preservatives. Going forward, leading players of food preservatives are planning to mix different preservatives to offer healthier options. This is expected to boost the demand for organic and natural food preservatives. 

Most of the food products lose its characteristics due to the acids and enzymes they contain. Environmental factors such as heat and extreme cold also affect the quality of the food. Natural and synthetic food preservatives help food items to maintain their originality for a longer period. 

Current Market for Food Preservatives – An Overview

  • Organic certification has become the need for leading brands operating in the natural food industry.
  • Meat products with natural preservatives have gained more acceptance across the globe.
  • Leading players in the global food preservatives market are focusing on introducing alternate preservatives to replace the artificial ones.
  • Manufacturers of protein bars and sports supplements have started adding natural preservatives in their products to increase their shelf life. 
  • The increasing demand for convenience food is likely to boost the global food preservatives market.

Considering the importance of food preservatives, synthetic and natural, they are being added in almost all varieties of packaged foods to prevent spoilage of the food. Natural food preservatives are increasingly being used in beverages, meat, poultry, dairy and milk products, seafood, and bakery products. Preservatives such as lactic acid, sorbic acid, propionic acid, and benzoic acid are increasingly being used in varies foods. 

Changing eating patterns and busy lifestyles have motivated people to consume preserved food and canned food.