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Food Companies to Use SmartLabel Technique to Explain Ingredients

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Published on : Dec 03, 2015

Some of the big food players and a few more consumer-goods companies are planning on using the smartphone scanning technology to let their consumers receive a detailed information on the products and their ingredients. 

Known as the “SmartLabel” initiative, the move was announced by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, a group at includes 30 companies. This group is inclusive of big players such as PepsiCo Inc, General Mills Inc., and Hershey Co. The association stated that the companies will use this technology on at least 30,000 products by the end of 2017.

SmartLabel is aimed towards addressing the curiosity of the consumers about the use of ingredients that are derived from genetically modified organisms and crops. The DNA of these crops and organisms is especially modified to make them pest resistant.  The U.S. government is permitting production of several GMO crops that are termed safe by the science groups. However, advocacy groups and consumers are saying that these are harmful to both, human health and the environment. The concern has forced consumers to demand products that are labeled.

According to industry officials, it is compulsory labeling would become a costly and a confusing task. Hence they are insisting to make this voluntary. The SmartLabel will allow companies to show GMO ingredients in a more efficient way. The Grocery Manufacturers Association stated that by the end of 2017 companies will be able to reveal information related to GMOs for about 20,000 products through the SmartLabel technique.

Last month Hershey announced its plans to use SmartLabel as the company believes it offers an opportunity to explain the ingredients to their customers.

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