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Food and Safety Standards Association of India to Review Caffeine Standards in Caffeinated and Energy Drinks

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Published on : Jul 07, 2015

FSSAI, the food safety regulator in India, has decided to review the standards of caffeine in energy and caffeinated drinks and has publicly announced for the look out of agencies to carry out the work. It will be the duty of the agency to study the pattern of consumption of caffeinated and energy drinks in the country.

Caffeinated and energy drinks, the beverages that do not contain alcohol, and have ingredients such as caffeine, glucuronolactone, guarana, ginseng, taurine, B-vitamins, and inositol among others act as mild stimulants.

A senior FSSAI official has said that the consumption of such drinks has observed a huge surge in the past decade. Thus, FSSAI intends on reviewing the standards of caffeine post a detailed study of the pattern of consumption of these drinks among the young people of the country. The official further said that the FSSAI will review the caffeine intake along with the intake of other key ingredients of these drinks and their overall effect on an average drinker of such drinks.

To carry out the work, the FSSAI has invited EoIs (expressions of interest) for appointing a suitable agency for the task.

The technical and financial bids for the EoIs will have to be submitted by the interested agencies by the 30th of July. The successful bidder will have to complete the study and submit a detailed report by the 30th of November, this year, added the official.

FSSAI has classified the caffeinated and energy drinks as water based non alcoholic flavored beverages. The draft standard notified by FSSAI has said that these drinks should not have more than 320 mg per litre and not less than 145 mg per litre caffeine from any source it has been derived.