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F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd Installs UV Disinfection for Purifying Water

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Published on : Oct 20, 2015

F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks, has installed a UV disinfection system at it manufacturing plant located in Inanam. The Hanovia UV disinfection system will be used for the elimination of bacteria from water that is used for the manufacturing of soft drinks.

F&N Beverages is the largest soft drinks manufacturer in Malaysia and in actively involved in the production of many of the country’s well known soft drinks brands, including F&N SEASONS, F&N Fruit Tea, and 100PLUS.

The company will use the UV disinfection technology so that it can fulfill the local QA/QC requirements. The company has chosen Hanovia as the UV disinfection system supplier owing to the latter’s reputation in the beverages industry and the fact that it’s UV disinfection systems are optimized for applications native to manufacturing processes in the beverages industry. 
Some of the added benefits of the Hanovia systems are said to be the low operating and maintenance costs of the systems.

Meeting the highly rigorous hygiene standards of the food and beverages industry is a huge challenge for beverages companies. UV disinfection provides an economic and realistic option for beverage manufacturers to improve the quality of end products. UV disinfection is an established method of disinfecting drinking water, renowned across the world also for its highly reliable application in fields such as microchip manufacturing and pharmaceutical processing, applications that require highest level of quality.

No known microorganisms are resistant to UV rays, which also includes pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella, Cryptosporidium and its spores, and Listeria. Spores of Cryptosporidium are even known to remain unaffected from chlorination.

The easy installation of UV disinfection systems, along with minimum disruption to the manufacturing plant, also makes them a worthy candidate for many manufacturing plants.