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Flexible Packaging Soon to Become Staple for Many Industries

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Published on : Oct 24, 2016

It seems to be inevitable that the use of superior polymers and other materials will lead to the use creation of packaging materials that are able to take the shape of their contents. Fruits will be packed in flexible packaging that will take their shape rather than stay a rigid box. Not all of it is good though, as the use of flexible packaging can increase the chances of the products to be exposed to external impact damage. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of flexible packaging, as a lot of industry verticals are finding out.

While flexible packaging is not a new thing by a long shot, it was only recently that they have been used for items outside the predominantly leading end user of food and beverages. Let’s first go through the major advantages that flexible packaging brings to the table. As compared to rigid packaging, it is:

  • Lower in weight, which can be a blessing for weight sensitive transportation duties
  • Provides a superior performance when it comes to improving the shelf life of a consumable product
  • Significantly reduces the risk of allowing harmful bacteria to infect the consumable by almost completely cutting its surface off from external air
  • Smaller in size, as the use of flexible packaging will allow packages to be much smaller and packaging sizes to be free from stern standardization

These advantages can be extremely beneficial to end users outside of the food and beverage industry, specifically from the industries of pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and personal care. The pharma companies can introduce a new wave of flexible packaging for their drugs which can allow them to save quite a bit on storage space and ensure zero contact between the drug and the air. Manufacturers of soaps and fluid cleaners can take full advantage of these properties in their products and increase their efficiency.

Coming back to the food and beverage industry, the growing scope of use of flexible packaging is also spreading to segments such as ready to eat foods. The growing number of nuclear families with individuals leading busy lifestyles is leading to a significantly greater for packaging in food and beverages, a great entry point for a lot of manufacturers of flexible packaging.

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