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First-Knox National Bank Announced New Features for their Banking App

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Published on : Sep 11, 2015

A couple of decades ago, online banking was unheard of. However, now online banking has become a crucial part of services that banks offer. Banks to compete are increasingly adopting advanced technologies that offer better banking features to their consumers. At present, banks are increasingly providing customized personalized banking experience. Several top companies in the global online banking market are every month coming up with new features that make personal banking for consumers a more enhanced experience.

Although many private banks in the global online banking market are investing heavily in innovation in this sector, national banks are not far behind. The banking firm, First-Knox National bank yesterday announced addition of new features to its app used for personal banking. These upgraded features offer facilities such as instant balance, notification, new alerts, and other time saving features.

At present, around 45 per cent of the personal banking app’s activity is consumers checking their account balance. However, with the addition of these new features, consumers will be able to customize the app to set up a series of customized alerts such as low balance. Consumers once set up such alerts will be able to receive directly pop up notification on smartphones and other mobile devices.

The personal banking app’s latest version also features upgrades such as an extended photo deposit that has a cut off time of 7 PM. Other features include prompts that show low balance alerts, which helps immediate log in to the app and transfer funds into the account with a few more clicks and efficient use of time. At present, this app is only available for Android tablet users and developers are working to make it compatible with Android phones and Apple phones and tablets. Moreover, this app also features many updated design elements. First-Knox had launched this app in 2013 and now has more than 50,000 users.