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First Wireless Charger Called WoW (me) For Metal-Backed Cell Phones Launched by ConvenientPower

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Published on : Sep 22, 2015

ConvenientPower today reported the world's first wireless charging transmitter pad composed particularly to charge cell phones of metal backs. Featured with Qualcomm WiPower, a wireless charging innovation, authorized by Qualcomm Incorporated which empowers the wireless charging of gadgets with metal outsides, ConvenientPower's "WoWme" pad will charge metal and non-metal gadgets, imparting cell phone manufacturers the decision to join metal and wireless charging to enhance the client experience and comfort. 

ConvenientPower has additionally worked nearly with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a Qualcomm Incorporated subsidiary, to propel the wireless charging of gadgets. This turning point showcases the progressions occurring inside of the developing wireless charging industry as wirelessly charging metal cell phones are turning out to be more critical as cell phone manufacturers earlier needed to pick between a premium phone having wireless or metal charging. The President and Co-Founder of ConvenientPower., named Camille Tang, stated that cell phones which are metal-encased or have consolidate metal in their outline can now be wirelessly charged, a critical leap forward for advantageous charging from our nearby joint effort with Qualcomm. 

The General Manager of wireless charging, named Steve Pazol further stated that they welcome the important devices and ability conveyed by ConvenientPower. He further stated that they never expected the level of fervor this would produce. Having ConvenientPower subsequent so rapidly with a companion arrangement gets this innovation much closer to purchasers.

The new WoWme wireless charging pad keeps up with each one of the properties of other Rezence guaranteed transmitters, including the capacity to charge a number of gadgets of different power necessities, at the same time, through surfaces. WiPower is intended to bolster adaptable wireless power for tablets, smartphones, and other buyer electronic gadgets, permitting OEMs and vertical markets including furniture, automotive, and hospitality to send the innovation into diverse surfaces/gadgets in a manner that is proficient and easy to utilize.