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First Silicone-Free Cream Established in the Market by YULIMADE

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Published on : Dec 07, 2015

YULIMADE has introduced its foremost silicone-free BB cream in China and has replaced the silicon content with patented natural ingredients. Shampoos that are silicone-free have set a trend in the skincare and cosmetics industry. Shortly, more healthy cosmetic products will be introduced worldwide. Worldwide Climate Conference is Paris is aggressively working on such reformations. China has taken even greater measures for creating a greener planet. Consumers have become more selective and educated while choosing the right skincare products. This is why companies are producing ‘no additive’, ‘silicone-free’, ‘natural’ products. 

YULIMADE is basically a U.S. brand specializing in aroma and natural therapeutical cosmetics and skin care products. With the leadership of its founder Yuli, the company has made great investments while creating its foremost silicone BB cream, which is also available in China. Silicone creates a silky and healthy look by its applications along with creating a moisturizing effect. But, silicone is hazardous and includes harsh chemicals that may lead to life threatening diseases such as cancer. This is the reason why companies are emphasizing on silicone-free cosmetic products and are looking for alternate substitutes that provide a similar effect on the skin. The silicone free BB cream has removed silicone and has replaced it with patented natural mix.  

The YULIMADE BB cream helps the skin in breathing better and also acts as a blemish balm.  The research for this cream took place in a Japanese lab and it provides moisturizing effect which are even better than that provided by hyaluronic acid. Methods having unique essence extracts and aromatherapy forms YULIMADE. It is a cosmetic brand which was founded in 2012 and Yuli introduced it for seeking natural care. During her pregnancy, she developed the passion for creating a number of natural cosmetic products to shift consumer preference to these types of silicone-free products.