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Ferrero Namesake Passes Away at 89

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Published on : Feb 18, 2015

For generations who enjoyed tasty delights of Italian chocolates, they are no strangers to Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. Michele Ferrero, the world’s richest candy maker and most breathed his last on this Valentine’s Day. As reported by the company, Michele Ferrero was 89 years old during the time of his death. Ferroro has been suffering from prolonged illness for several months; finally he breathed his last at his Montecarlo residence. His family was present around him at the time. 

Ferrero bore the rich legacy of the family empire that gifted the world with Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Nutella. Other products unveiled by the empire include household names like Tic Tacs and the Kinder line of products. The chocolate manufacturing company alias empire was one of Italy’s most successful in post-war era. It made the world a fan of “Made in Italy” brand of luxury goods and foods. 

Sergio Mattarella, the Italian President, praised Ferrero as the undisputed leader of Italian food products industry. He said that the legacy of Ferrero has been synonymous to innovation of products that were royal and ahead of time. Mr. President also commended the tenacious work that gave Ferrero Productions a reserved character. 

Pietro Ferrero ushered the era of fine Italian choco delights by opening the first chocolate laboratory in 1942 in Alba. This business passed away to Michele in a normal course after Pietro died in 1949. After Michele Ferrero took over the realms of the company he introduced the celebrated lines of Kinder chocolates in 1968. Tic Tacs was introduced a year later. Finally Ferrero Rocher was introduced to the world in 1982, as mentioned in the biography provided by the company. 

Michele Ferrero handed over the legacy of the company to his two sons, Pietro and Giovanni in 1997. After Pietro Ferrero’s death in 1997, Giovanni is left as the sole CEO of the company.