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Facebook’s Research Team Gives Bots Ability to Reason, Negotiate

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Published on : Jun 15, 2017

Facebook offers new technology, pushing ability to create bots, which can converse, negotiate, and reason every step in creating a personalized digital assistance. The news was revealed by researchers Dhruv Batra and Mike Lewis in their latest blog post.

Research and Development Enabled Bots Engage in Dialogue and Negotiations

The announcement of this groundbreaking technology enabling automated programs or ‘bots’ the feature of negotiating or making compromises was made by Facebook researchers on July15., 2017. Up until now, majority of automated programs or chat bots could support short conversations, besides performing simpler tasks as booking a table at restaurant, as per the researchers. However, with the latest code developed by Facebook, automated programs will be able to dialogue and engage in negotiations from start to finish with other people or bots, while reaching a common decision or result. Facebook’s team of Artificial Intelligence Researches (FAIR) provided bots with the ability by evaluating the value of a given item and inferring its worth to each party.

The FAIR team has successfully created several similar negotiation scenarios, making certain that it stays impossible for agents to reach best deal simultaneously. Batra and Lewis further revealed walking farther from negotiation led into 0 points for both agents. Simply put, it is important to negotiate and the outcome of good negotiations is mostly better results. Having said the same, bots can also find ways of playing sneaky. In a few cases bots feigned interest in an item which is valueless, only to compromise by conceding it at a later stage. This is a classic tactic used by people on a regular basis.