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Facebook’s Oculus Quest Ready to Ship in Spring 2019 for US$399

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Published on : Sep 27, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the spring 2019 launch of new standalone headset the Oculus Quest which will be priced at US$399 to start with. The world has already seen the launch of HTC Vive Focus standalone VR headset. In this regard, it could be said that the announcement by Facebook may spark more interest in standalone VR headsets. Facebook’s new standalone VR headset has been in development for a while. Previously known as the Santa Cruz, the Oculus Quest is Facebook’s best effort to build a self-powering wireless and standalone VR headset which does not rely on external sensors or require connection to a separate computer.

Oculus Quest – First Wireless Oculus Hardware to Sport Positional Tracking

The Oculus Quest is expected to develop as a more robust and powerful version compared to Oculus Go. It could have an upper hand in the VR headset market as early models such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive required to be tethered with a wire or connected to a power PC. The previous versions showed limited usefulness due to lack of mobility, unless the user has access to very long cables and a large space. Both for the dual hand controllers and the headset itself, the Oculus Quest will be the first wireless hardware of its family to sport positional tracking. It will be shipped along with 50-plus games specifically made for the device.

Thanks to its four wide-angle cameras on the front, the Oculus Quest can track the user’s location without using external sensors. It is said to balance Oculus Rift’s few gameplay capabilities with the simplicity of the Oculus Go.