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Facebook Targeting Music Rights in a Bid to Dethrone YouTube as Video Hub

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Published on : Sep 06, 2017

Matching the database of videos currently available on YouTube may be an overambitious task, whereas the smarter way would be to recognize what the next generation would want to watch and do it better than YouTube. Facebook seems to have noticed the growing trend of its social media users to share personal videos, and their friends and family are growing more interested in watching those than the ones from unknowns on YouTube.

First of all, there are legality issues. Result, Facebook Inc. is offering hundreds of millions of dollars to major record labels and music publishers to allow its social network users to legally include songs in their personal videos and upload on its platform. Under the current regulations, Facebook has to take down the videos if the right holders open a case for infringement.

Need for a System to Identify Infringements Holding the Deal

It must be noted that Facebook’s negotiations with music owners has been going on for quite a few months now, but the solution depends on a system to be built by the social media giant to ensure the identification of copyright infringes. While that system will take at least a year or two to complete, Facebook is eagerly hoping to make the deal now, so that its growing popularity among the users is not obstructed.

On the other hand, music industry executives have also shown keen interest on the prospected deal as it will solve repeated legal hindrances. However, right holders risk creating another YouTube, which is a great source of promotion but moderate sales.

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