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Facebook Rolls Out ‘Improved’ Stories Update: Now Save Videos, Photos and Voice Notes

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Published on : May 17, 2018

Facebook has some new updates coming to its platform. The social network giant is rolling few updates to Facebook Stories and some more options to create more content. Facebook stories can now be archived and users can now save the photos they click from the camera inside the Facebook app and make voice posts. Facebook unquestionably “borrowed” liberally from Snapchat when launching Stories.

That, in and of itself, wouldn’t be exciting: both Snapchat and Instagram already offer options for saving Stories so they won’t disappear. The difference between their archives and Facebook’s is the latter automatically saves your Stories, so you’ll never lose pics you wanted to save.

The archive becomes more interesting when you pair it with the second feature: cloud storage. Now when you take a picture with Facebook Camera, you can save it to your Facebook account rather than your phone. If you’re like me and forget in the moment to edit/filter/jazz up your photos, you can now save the fuss for later.

It’s not exactly a trade secret that the best things about both Facebook’s and Instagram’s Stories were copied from Snapchat. And while Instagram’s Stories are now more popular than Snapchat’s, neither has really transcended the basic concept which earned the original so much acclaim.

Facebook is also adding an Audio option in the Facebook Camera to share voice messages as Voice Posts. Voice recordings are not only fast and intimate, they also get around the need to install native-language keyboards, and they don’t require written proficiency in a language people can more easily speak.