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Published on : Jan 24, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is foreseen to revolutionize a number of things we do every day, thanks to its ability to learn and solve problems in a progressive manner. A number of technology companies are pioneering the evolving field of artificial intelligence and Facebook is one of those. Now, to head the AI department at Facebook, the company has hired an experienced executive from IBM, Jérôme Pesenti, to navigate how future products are to be shaped.

The ex-IBM executive has also served at the AI startup BenevolentTech and has been a leader of Inernational Business Machines Corp’s Watson platform. He Jérôme Pesenti will be replacing Yann Lecun, a highly reputed name who started many projects during his long tenure at Facebook. LeCun will now be taking up a different leadership role as AI chief scientists.

The changes in management at Facebook is a clear indication of the company’s aspirations to expand focus on research and development of artificial intelligence. So far, the company has been putting a lot of emphasis on academic exploration of the science.

One of the known focus of Facebook has been on detecting and removing photos and videos that are in violation to its policies. The pressure on the company has escalated in many countries since validity of a lot of content on its portal are coming under strong scrutiny. It has become highly important for the social media giant to device ways to flat troublesome content quickly and efficiently.