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F-Type Jaguar of 2016 Will Come with Free Maintenance and Extended Warranty

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Published on : Mar 24, 2015

Jaguar is expecting to continue with the momentum with its with two-seat sports cars  model F-Type and planning to offer services of free of cost maintenance and more innovative standard features for the 2016 model. The earlier warranty on the car was 10,000 miles and one year is further extended to 60,000 miles and five years. The new package of free of cost maintenance will also cover for five years and 60,000 miles and will also include oil changes and some other jobs but will not include brakes.  

At present, the F-Type model owners only get to enjoy the first scheduled visit for maintenance at free of cost. Jaguar does not provide such offer of free maintenance on any of its other cars.

According to the Jaguar North America, general manager of product planning, Rob Filipovic said that they are getting involved with the third year sales for the F-Type model. He further said that the critical point is that they are going to cross the initial luster and glow and now planning about the strategies about how to progress with the F-Type in regards with growth and pace.

In addition to this, for free of cost maintenance and a six-speed manual transmission and for the features which in normal cases will cost around US$3,500 has been made standard. 

The new model of F-Type that will be launched in 2016 will have the same entry price of US$65,995. It will also include shipping, except the new addition will be of standard transmission will have six-speed manual. The same will apply to the new convertible that will cost US$69,095, which will also including shipping.