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Extra expenses in HVAC system installation

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Published on : Jun 11, 2014

The commission meeting conducted on Tuesday commemorated several issues regarding the budget of the repair needed at the Roosevelt County Courthouse’s air conditioning system. It is estimated that the cost to repair is expected to total $2.9 million, nearly $1 million more than the commission anticipated paying. This was the initial quote the county commissioners were given and they are not happy still. This was reported by the project manager of Williamson Renovations, Dennis Geshel.

The new estimate has shocked many commissioners, including Commission Chairman Kendell Buzard. He also added this whole issue is a big discrepancy and the board has met with Geshel to discuss the estimated cost of installing the system soon. 

After eight types of mold were discovered in the 76-year old courthouse by a private lab consultant, the repair of the HVAC system is considered as the preventive measure, said Roosevelt County Manager Charlene Webb. It is considered as a necessary project because the system is old. 

After Geshel discussed the installation estimated cost with the commission, he later met with architects and engineers to discuss the same. They learned that the time for the installation has become nine months and the cost of installing the system is more that estimated. Webb said they had underestimated the components to the HVAC system.

Also, while the HVAC system is being installed there have been added regulations and permits to the portable offices due to which the costs are increased even more to the state’s Construction Industry Division.

Earlier it was decided that the county would use two trailers for the offices, but the CID regulations required three because of the number of the employees moving out of the courthouse.  

The cost of having the trailers for nine months in the parking lot of the courthouse will be in between $400,000 - $500,000, according to Geshel.

Alas the commission meeting submitted the county an application to the New Mexico Financial Authority a loan amount not exceeding $2 million for the HVAC system and electrical engineering. Webb is currently looking considering loans with local banks and the New Mexico Financial Authority.

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