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Explosion at a Chemical Plant in China Kills One

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Published on : Sep 03, 2015

According to recent news report, an explosion at a chemical plant in China killed one person. This explosion was observed weeks after a massive explosion had occurred in northern China and killed 159 people, said Bangkok Post. 

The explosion happened on Monday. It was caused at Diao Kou Xiang Bin Yuan and happened to be a large fire but was instantly contained within five hours of time frame. After the fire was out, authorities detained many people who were in charge of the company. The explosion happened around midnight at a chemical company. 

The explosion has been observed as the third chemical explosion at the chemical plant in a row to occur in recent months in China. 

The plant is run by some local government officials and is still unclear if the workers of the plant are likely to face any charges, reported Channel News Asia. Report also claims that six executives were detained in the firm.  

The explosion has caused outrage and attracted great public attention. Many people are concerned over the safety violations and air pollution fears in the aftermath. People are also worried that water supplies could significantly become polluted because of the chemical blast. This matter is not something to overlook, Tianjin nearly has a population of 15 million people. 

Around a few weeks ago, a chemical plant had exploded causing damage and hazard to goods storage facility in the key area of the Chinese port. The warehouse was a hub of hazardous chemicals. That explosion killed around 159 people and 14 were reported as missing.   

The warehouse was violating safety regulations and was located closer to residential buildings that stored dangerous materials, said South China Morning Post. 

August 23 marked the third chemical plant incident that took place in Shandong and killed one person and left nine injured. 

Due to these incidents, people are on the edge in the past few months. The explosion is driving the officials to review the safety policies and procedures in other chemical plants.