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Even Moderate Drinking Can Harm the Brain

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Published on : Jun 09, 2017

There is always a heated debate when it comes to alcohol-and-health issue, as it’s never been easy to prove the point. According to some researchers, consumption of little percentage of alcohol is beneficial for health. Some have referenced doctors who tell their patients to consume alcohol for the health benefits. On the other hand, some researchers suggested that there is no health benefits if your start drinking and even a little percentage of drink may cause health risk. One of the study carried in last month, suggested that consumption of one glass of wine can bring the risk of breast cancer.

Drinking Effect on the Brain from Researchers Eye

In the latest study from this week, some evidence have been thrown out to prove harm factors of alcohol. In this study it found that even a moderate drinking can be harmful for the brain health. According to the authors of latest study, heavy alcohol consumption is associated to alcoholic dementia and Korsakoff. However, very little known about the effects after the lower level of alcohol consumption. In order to find effects, some researchers and authors of the University of Oxford and University College London, studied the report from the Whitehall II cohort.

The researchers took a cognitive tests of 550 men and women who had no alcohol habits. At the end of study they took MRI of all participant’s brain. The result of this study shown that the person consuming high percentage of alcohol were at major risk of having atrophy, which is a brain related disease. Whereas moderate drinkers were also near to high risk level of having atrophy. At the end, even light drinkers were not on safer side in this case. It clearly seen that there were no protective effect of consuming alcohol. So it suggests that it may be good if you keep drinking habit on minimal level.

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