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European Space Agency Plans Lunarville

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Published on : Jun 09, 2015

For many many years, the moon has been merely been regarded as a research subject on the outer space. But now, space scientists are working towards the possibility of constructing a human community on the nearest neighbor of Earth in the solar system.

The newly appointed chief of the European Space Agency (ESA), made an announcement recently to construct a village on the moon which is replace the International Space Station which currently orbits the Earth. 

German Professor, who will take position on July 1as the space agency’s director general, commented that the moon town- to be named ‘Lunarville’-will commence construction starting 2024, and may bring a totally new perspective.

The building of the moon station will boost massive technological innovation on Earth.

The professor further said, moon village most likely would be built on the rear side of the moon, the part not visible from Earth. This will facilitate space scientists to examine the back pat of the moon.

Telescopes may also be set up to have unobstructed view into the depths of the space, he also added.

However, to make conditions livable in the moon village will require massive amount of work and exploration.   

This will need construction materials to be transported from Earth to the moon, for the dome shaped housed as envisioned by ESA.

The German Professor further added, food would be a priority, although ESA is devising plans for greenhouses to enable crop production on the Moon. Using hydrogen, water may also be produced on the Moon, as further added. 

The incoming chief of ESA also said, to establish a ‘permanent shuttle service’, in Lunarville which will transport people to Earth should a medical emergency arises.  

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