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EpiWear: Trending Wearable to Halt Allergic Reaction

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Published on : Apr 25, 2019

You are in an emergency and your epinephrine shot is not available. Or, you are not able to get the right dosage of the drug to take care of your allergic reaction. Here's a solution to these problems- EpiWear. The brainchild of students of Rice University, EpiWear is a compact and foldable epinephrine delivery system. Further, you can wear it on your wrist or anywhere on the body minimizing the risk of an allergic reaction.

EpiWear works on a spring mechanism that allows the syringe to provide the full dose of the drug to the patient experiencing the allergic reaction.

What was the Idea behind EpiWear?

 The team of five researchers developed EpiWear. Out of these, four are junior bioengineer major and one is a freshman. The device is ready to hit the market and is a good fit for everyone except small children.

Justine Tang proposed the idea for a foldable delivery system. Moreover, Tang himself suffers from peanut allergy and remains quite concerned about his daily life. He says that he found it quite uneasy to carry a bulky and obtrusive device everywhere he went. Tang had to carry a pen-like device in case of emergency. Further, these pen-like devices are increasing in price.

Tang believes that EpiWear can reduce price and make the device easily available for everyone who finds himself in an allergic emergency. Moreover, the device will help inject an optimal amount of epinephrine dose in human body. As a result, the team has developed the device to inject 0.3 milliliters of epinephrine. This dose is similar to commercially available epinephrine pen in the market.

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