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Epic PR Fail of Huawei

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Published on : Jun 09, 2015

Huawei has burned through a great many dollars endeavoring to shine its public image outside China as of late. The giant in telecommunications has supported sporting groups, enlisted lobbyists and set up examination foundations trying to depict itself as open and straightforward. In all actuality it remains a distrustful and undercover association. 

The Australian Financial Review got a direct take a gander at this on Friday, as a feature of a government sorted out visit which ought to have been an open door for Huawei to showcase its innovation. Rather, things got somewhat insane when the issue of national security was raised. 

In both English and Chinese, Huawei couldn't have looked more protective. The issues started minutes into a voyage through the organization's titan, low ascent innovative work grounds on the edge of Shanghai. 

The office houses 10,000 workers, yet is still not sufficiently huge for Huawei's aspirations, and clearly it can't be captured. Not long after subsequent to visiting the canteen - it can situate 2,000 for lunch - photographic artists and camera groups were told no photos were allowed inside its showroom for reasons of security.

That provoked a touch of protesting, yet nothing real as an innovation evangelist from the organization talked us through advances in 5G and how it could be utilized to drive autos, fly automatons and control robots. 

At the Shanghai Green Valley Pharmaceutical Company they couldn't have been more open. The administrator, Lu Songtao, gave a forthright 15 moment presentation, then spent 30 minutes on inquiries, before proceeding with the discussion over lunch. 

There's suspicious Huawei that won't answer inquiries and declines to account for itself in any point of interest to its partners the world over. At that point there's any semblance of Green Valley, which speak to another, more open face to corporate China. Let’s hope to witness more of the latter.