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Environmentally-Friendly Sustainable Barnacle Repelling Paint Helps The Environment And Shipping Industry

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Published on : May 02, 2014

Barnacles and other oceanic creatures are observed to be quite a drag in the seasoned ship’s hull because it causes a ship to burn more fuel than necessary. Hence, to prevent the ship and other hangers from being inefficient and slowing down in growth, worldwide scientists have produced a sustainable paint ingredients made out of plants to keep away the sticky sea critters from the ship without killing them. This study has appeared in the ACS journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

According to Guillermo Blustein and colleagues barnacles and other sea or ocean creatures create a cascade of problems to the ship hulls. They increase the ship’ water resistance and the fuel capacity burns out to be 40 percent, costing a lot of money and depleting the resources due to pollution.  

These oceanic creatures also cause lot of problems to the environment by invading on new unexplored parts across the globe and striving with native plants and animals in the process. 

This has also caused some of the shipping companies to come up special coatings to keep the hulls clean. Nevertheless, although the creatures are a menace, they do not deserve extreme spite from the humans. Hence, in order to not harm the sea life, the team of researchers have sought an excellent ocean-friendlier option from a viable, perhaps a sustainable source. 

Maytenus trees that are found worldwide have root barks containing certain compounds that are similar to repel agents or defensive agents produced by ocean creatures. However, when these root samples were taken to the laboratory was further examination, the scientists found out that the compounds have a tendency to repel the barnacles. But this repelling is certainly not a long-term damage. 

Furthermore, the scientists also added these same compounds to the paint, which were applied to the tiles and particular field-tested areas in the sea. The results were fruitful as they found out that the newly produced coatings had the effective capacity to stop the algae, tube worms, and similar other ocean creatures from clinging on to the ship’s hull. 

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