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Entry of Innovative Composites and Coatings Techniques to Drive Demand for High-performance Ceramic Coatings

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Published on : Feb 03, 2016

Ceramic coatings have achieved a special place in the industrial environments in the past few years owing to their excellent surface modification properties. The market for ceramic coatings is rapidly expanding owing to the broad set of current applications and a vast number of potential applications. Continuous emergence of novel and much more efficient coating techniques and material compositions are also helping the market’s rapid development.

High-performance ceramic coatings, a special segment of ceramics owing to their form, features, and preparation techniques, are also in huge demand across a number of end-use industries. For applications such as automotive vehicle parts and aero-engines, which usually operate at high temperatures, high-performance ceramic coatings provide excellent heat management and insulate the components from excessive and prolonged heat load. High performance ceramic coatings also limit the thermal exposure of the coated components and lead to sustainability.

The major driving force for the continuous development of high-performance ceramic coatings market is the promise of performance improvement of these coatings to a variety of materials. Typically applied to materials like steel, cast iron, titanium alloys, carbon composites and even ceramics, high-performance ceramic coatings enable several materials capable of being used for applications for which they would otherwise not be suitable.

High-performance ceramic coatings are also favored over normal ceramic paints owing to their excellent corrosion and thermal resistant characteristics. Due to these features, high-performance ceramic coatings save essential components of machineries, such as turbine blades and engine parts, from corrosion and early depreciation. These features have also increased the applications of high-performance ceramic coatings in the semiconductor industry.

Of the key end-use sectors, the high-performance ceramic coatings market finds the largest demand in the automotive industry, which has been the dominating revenue generator for the global market for the past many years. Several components such as valves, pistons, exhaust pipelines, and combustion chambers are commonly coated with high-performance ceramic coatings these days.

With innovative composite materials and coating techniques making rapid entrance in the global market, the market for high-performance ceramic coatings is also expected to significantly benefit in the near future.