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Entrepreneurial Instinct to Make Scooters Cool in China

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Published on : Jun 01, 2015

One of the top tech leaders in China is hoping to bring revolution in the motorized scooter. Li Yinan, the former chief technology head of the largest internet search company in China, Baidu, has been inspired by Vespa and Tesla. 

The techie has taken inspirations from lithium-ion battery in Tesla and design in Vespa’ to fabricate an electric scooter aimed at high-end commuters.

At a launch event held in Beijing recently, Niu which is the company owned by Li, which means  ‘buffalo’ in Chinese has revealed details of the ‘N1 smart e-scooter’. The scooter which is aimed at high end commuters is inclusive of lithium ion battery. 

The use of lithium ion battery can make the vehicle last 100 km without the need of recharging and weighs a mere 10.1 kg. 

The advantage of its light weight is that women can lift it too, as commented by the chief technology officer Li Yinan. The motor used in the vehicle is manufactured by the German automotive parts producer Bosch, and comes also includes an app which can monitor theft anf battery levels.

Li, who is best known for attending university in his country at the young age of 15, and later positioned as the youngest vice president of the telecom giant in China Huawei, commented his plans are to eventually sell the scooter in European markets, though he may have tough selling in China itself. 

Li is entering competition which is crowded with other electric scooter startups and manufactures that offer cheap products.

Electric bikes already have place in China, and it is estimated there are more e-bikes in comparison to cars on the roads in China, which is home to 90% of the e-bikes sold in the world.