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Energy Hub Tout its Potential to Improve Production of Composite Materials

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Published on : Jan 13, 2015

The U.S. Department of Energy highlights the significance of reducing the energy and cost construct advanced composites.

Their aim is to reduce the total amount of energy by 75 percent that is needed to make the materials. The innovation group also aims at reducing the cost needed to manufacture the composites by nearly 50 percent within the next ten years.  

The innovation group will include non-profits, universities, and manufacturers. It is a group focused on materials and advanced fiber-reinforced polymer composites three times as strong as steel and immensely light as any lightest metals.

The consortium widely seeks to increase the usability and recyclability of the composites to more than 95 percent in the defined forecast span. 

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville has decided to host the collaboration and institute the innovation with 14 other universities and practical laboratories. This would also involve Oak Ridge National Laboratory and around 57 other companies in the consortium members. 

The U.S. President – Barack Obama was present last week to attend these events and said such innovation hubs just make sense in the present times. During his visit in Tennessee he announced the new hub as the fifth innovation group among the eight planned campuses across the country. The hub touts its ability on the aviation, automotive, and energy industries. 

Obama said these hubs work well in bringing people to work together. They create an entirety in our ecosystem for a specific type of manufacturing material or specialization. Hubs situated at strategic places are like magnets for others in helping people participate in this particular industry. 

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