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Energy Crisis Pose Great Threat to Ghana’s Energy Crisis

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Published on : Feb 06, 2015

Ghana has been experiencing energy struggles for quite some time now. In fact the situation has also been blamed for the plummeting growth rate of the country’s once flourishing manufacturing sector. The 8 percent drop of manufacturing outputs recorded by West Africa last year raised the fear of an impending industrial meltdown. 

The present situation has raised many concerns for the Association of Ghana Industries, who are at present looking forward to implement short term based plans of action to reduce the energy deficit and resolve the current issue of energy crisis. The Association also fears that Ghana might end up losing its industrial base, if the Government doesn’t adopt significant policies to address the challenges prevailing in the industrial sector. 

In order to combat the ongoing situation, the communiqué has requested the Ministry of Energy and Energy Commission in Ghana to create and implement the Strategic National Energy Plan (SNEP) for a period of fifteen years from 2015 to 2030. In addition to this the communiqué has also proposed to make available a competent Energy Sector Strategic Development Plan for a period spanning over five years from 2015 to 2020. The body also requested for the complete operation of the Tema Oil Refinery, since it would significantly contribute to the value addition efforts to be taken up by the manufacturing sector of the country. 

The communiqué reiterated the promise made by the Ghana Government to bring the Emergency Power Barges on board. This would help the manufacturing sector to considerably increase its capacity of product generation before the first quarter of 2015 ends. The association also suggested bringing about necessary institutional reforms in the management and operations of the bodies responsible for the power sector in whole.