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Emily Blunts Gown for Sicario Premiere Captures Mammoth Attention at London

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Published on : Sep 23, 2015

Emily Blunt has once again nabbed a position on the 2015 Best Dressed list. The actress made a mark on the red carpet at London’s Sicario, which appears to be her best gown of the year so far. The gown is so pretty that it needs to be captured from all angles. 

The actress recently became got American citizenship, but the actress born in Britain was back on the home turf this week. Emily Blunt, the 32 year actress looked stunning in a sequined outfit as she arrived on the red carpet for the premiere of her forthcoming release Sicario at London’s Leicester Square. The actress withstood the drizzly weather to promote the team including director Denis Villeneuve.

For the event, Blunt selected a custom made outfit from Prada, which is pink covered in metallic paillettes. The feature of the outfit that it grew in size from the top to the bottom of the dress. The design of the gown also features a large back cutout, also decorated with a red bow detail at the top. The actress accessorized the appearance with a fashionable updo and a coordinating red lip color.

As stated by the actress’ longtime stylist Jessica Paster, the actress is very particular about picking her looks. She further stated that the actress s very confident of the silhouettes that she knows would fit beautifully on her body. 

Emily is always confident in what she chooses, added her longtime stylist Jessica Paster. The stylist further stated that Blunt is not afraid to take risks, which is fun to work with her. The stylist further commented that as the actress has grown, so has she.

Blunt’s stylist further added that, she does not remember a single time when the actress has gone wrong. Rather Emily has always been impeccable, added Jessica.